New display for repairing Mercedes Vito, Sprinter and V-Class dashboards

Over time, the silver contacts of the flex ribbon cables joining the display to the Mercedes Sprinter, V-Class and Vito instrument cluster board wear away, making the characters illegible.

Minitools has been aware of this problem for years and supplies SEPFLAT04 carbon ribbon cables (flat). These are more durable than cables with silver contacts because of their flexibility and elasticity.

The big news is that Minitools is now supplying a new display for Mercedes vehicles fitted with flat SEPDISP49. This allows car repairers to replace the dashboard display.

Replacing the whole display including ribbon cables instead of just the ribbon cables SEPFLAT04 cuts down repair times because the ribbon cables don't need to be soldered to the display, only to the instrument cluster motherboard.

The new Minitools display, SEPDISP49, is the latest and most efficient solution for repairing speedometer on the following Mercedes-branded vehicles models.

  • Mercedes Vito W638 (from 1999 to 2004);
  • Mercedes Sprinter (from 2000 to 2006);
  • Mercedes V-Class W638 (from 1999 to 2004).

To replace the defective display with a new display, car mechanic or repair specialist must remove the dashboard and solder the display ribbon cable to the instrument cluster printed circuit.

To repair a Mercedes Vito, Sprinter and V-Class dashboard, simply purchase a display from our online store.

Buy the SEPDISP49 display

You can also search for all Mercedes parts for repairing digital instrument clusters in the store

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