Terms & Conditions


To place an order in ouritec, we provide two modes:

- By the internet at website: www.ouritec.pt 24 / 24h and 7/7 days;

- By telephone, by No: +351249581044 Monday to Friday from 9h to 13h and 14h 18h.

Making a purchase through the site ouritec.pt

To purchase must add the products you want to your shopping cart. Once you have added all the products just finalizing the order indicating the delivery and billing address as the shipping method. May terminate without registering or then performs a log where you can track your orders.

Changes to the order

You should contact us to make the change of the order. If the order is still in our facilities we will proceed to change the same.


Product prices can change without notice. The Ouritec is not responsible for providing products with obvious pricing errors on the site. If in doubt you should contact the Ouritec. Featured prices shown include VAT at the legal rate, but are also given the prices without VAT.

Stock availability

stock errors may occur in the inventory of Ouritec. In the event of breakage will be notified when validating the demand for our services.

If the order be incomplete due to rupture of the stock Ouritec forward immediately those available. The remaining material will be sent once you arrive from our suppliers, without any additional cost or sizes. Under these conditions the client will be warned at the time of the first shipment.


Shipping company

Transportation is carried out by CTT Expresso. Deliveries are made to the 18 hours of the business day following the date of shipment to mainland Portugal, 3 to 7 working days for the autonomous regions (Azores and Madeira) and 3 to 7 working days for the rest of the Europe.


Products are supplied within the time limits mentioned on the Site. Excluded are strange situations to Ouritec particular, disruptions in the supply of regular suppliers, or any failure in the transport companies.

Shipping price

The shipping price is calculated as the weight of the goods, according to the following tables:

Portugal Continental:

(Entrega no dia seguinte)

Até 5 Kg - 5,00€

De 5 Kg a 10 Kg - 6,00€

De 10 Kg a 20 Kg - 7,00€

De 20 Kg a 30 Kg - 8,00€

(Entrega 2/3 dias úteis)

De 30 Kg a 60 Kg - 20,00€

De 60 Kg a 80 Kg - 25,00€

Envio à cobrança, acresce 2,00 €

(IVA incluído à taxa legal em vigor)

Islands (Madeia and Azores) (Delivery between 3 to 7 days):

Up to 2 kg € 5.00

2 kg to 5 kg - 7.00 €

5 kg to 10 kg - € 10.00

10 kg to 20 kg - € 16.00

20 kg to 30 kg - € 21.00

On pay on delivery, added € 2.00

(Prices plus VAT at the rate in force)

Spain Peninsula:

Up to 2 kg - 5,00 €

2 kg to 5 kg - 7.00 €

5 kg to 10 kg - 9,00 €

10 kg to 20 kg - 18,00 €

20 kg to 30 kg - € 27.00

(Prices plus VAT at the rate in force)

Baleares Spain

Up to 2 kg - 15,00 €

2 kg to 5 kg - € 28.00

5 kg to 10 kg - 50,00 €

10 kg to 20 kg - € 95.00

20 kg to 30 kg - € 140.00

(Prices plus VAT at the rate in force)

Canary Islands:

Up to 2 kg - € 36.00

2 kg to 5 kg - € 68.00

5 kg to 10 kg - € 122.00

10 kg to 20 kg - € 230.00

From 20 kg to 30 kg - € 338.00

(Prices plus VAT at the rate in force)

Rest of Europe (3 to 7 days):

Up to 2 kg - 25,00 €

From 2 to 5 kg - 30,00 €

5 kg to 10 kg - € 38.00

10 kg to 20 kg - € 65.00

20 kg to 30 kg - 100,00 €

(Prices plus VAT at the rate in force)

Free fee

We offer the cost of shipping to mainland Portugal for orders over 150 € (without VAT). In the case of shipments to the collection does not include the value of the collection.

Posing in warehouse

You can pick up your order at our warehouse. You should follow the usual procedures to receive your order at your address. At the end of the order must inform you want to pick up your order at the store. The order will only be available to be raised, after receiving an email confirming the same availability.


Orders finalized until 17:00 will be sent the same day. Subsequent to this time we can not guarantee to be sent on the same day. Shipment is always made in order of arrival of orders.



Currently we only have ATM, pre-payment by bank transfer, payment on delivery of the goods (collection) and PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer

The shipping will be made only after the receipt of the order value in Ouritec bank account. Sending the transfer of evidence does not serve as proof of payment. We advise so whenever possible to transfer from a BPI account or direct deposit in the bank, so the value is immediately available and the order follows the same day.

Payment by PayPal

Payment by PayPal is immediate. PayPal one of the simplest ways and faster to make a payment online. Through your PayPal account, you can consult the history of your transactions online 24 hours a day.

Data for transfer payment

Data for bank transfer are shown in the table below.

Banco BPI - Ourém - Portugal

IBAN PT50 0010 00004305 3230 0011 8


After Sales / Warranty

Right to rescind the contract / Goods Return

Under Decree No. 143/2001 of April 26, including its art. 6, the consumer has the right to freely terminate the contract within 14 days. To this end, the article will have to find the original packaging and in exactly the condition it was sold. tool warranty and equipment

The security tool and equipment sold by Ouritec is 2 years to the end consumer and one year for companies against manufacturing defects.

Guarantee electrical components or electronic:

The carategorizados items like electronics have 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of sale.

Annulled Warranty:

The Ouritec does not guarantee nor is responsible for equipment damaged by poor handling, installation or configuration. Also any changes to the original product, voids the warranty. You should always be aware of the machine's instruction manual to do so in a proper way.

Delivery of products in Ouritec:

The delivery of the product in Ouritec is the customer's responsibility. The delivery of the product after repaired and confirmed the condition of guarantee, it is the responsibility of Ouritec.